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Coffee is a brewed beverage using roasted coffee beans, the seeds of cherries from various Coffea species. The genus Coffea is native to tropical Africa, Madagascar, the Comoros, Mauritius, and Réunion in the Indian Ocean, amoung others.

We’ve never been so excited to share with you our coffee knowledge and the story that every bean can tell. Come on in, take a sip, and explore with us!
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Our Commitment

We promise the best quality

Ethically Sourced Arabica Beans

All of our arabica beans come from farms we’ve been to. We meet the team, inspect the quality of their coffee trees, and tour the facilities. We ensure our coffee growers are paid fair wages.

Locally Roasting Coffee

Roasting green beans transform their properties into the light, medium, or dark coffee beans you know of. We’re proud of our technique, which has passed down the generations in our family.

Quality In Each Cup

The quality is in the details. A coffee is sour if the brewing temperature was low, or if the cherry over-ripened before harvesting. We love coffee and we’re invested every step of the way.

Signature Coffee

The Best Blend in town

It all started with this one little roast…
Roasty sweet, rich, deep, and smooth – our Signature Coffee blend became an overnight success – we couldn’t roast enough to keep up with daily demands! We’ve added 11 new roast friends to keep her company, and they’re being loved far and wide.

Coffee Café


We’re excited to share the story that every bean can tell. Come on in, take a sip, and explore with us!


MON to FRI: 9AM – 6PM
SAT:  9AM – 4PM


George Square

Tel: 0141 555 1234

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